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FI-1 Soy Fibre® Applications

What Makes FI-1 Soy Fibre® a Better Choice?


The Right Fiber for a World of Applications

  • Health Foods/Nutrition Bars
  • Baked Goods
  • Cereal Products
  • Pasta Products
  • Processed Meats
  • Meat Analog Products
  • Dairy Products
  • Frozen Products
  • Sauces/Dressings
  • Snack Foods
  • Nutraceuticals

Health Benefits of FI-1 Soy Fibre®

FI-1 Soy Fibre® can enhance dietary fiber labeling, and "soy fiber" is ingredient listing friendly. FI-1 Soy Fibre® provides natural dietary fiber in the diet to improve regularity, and help protect against and reduce the risk of certain conditions such as heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

FI-1 Soy Fibre® can help consumers achieve the Recommended Daily Intake(RDI) for dietary fiber. The RDI for dietary fiber is 25 grams. Current consumer studies indicate average daily dietary fiber consumption is 12-15 grams, or roughly 50% of the RDI.

FI-1 Soy Fibre® contains less than 0.1 Calories per gram, and effectively reduces the caloric density of foods.

Functional Benefits of FI-1 Soy Fibre®

FI-1 Soy Fibre® retains up to three times its weight in water promoting softer crumb in baked goods, enhancing freshness, and increasing shelf life.

Tests have demonstrated improved oven-spring in white pan breads, buns, and rolls with the addition of 2-4% FI-1 Soy Fibre®.

FI-1 Soy Fibre's® unique physical structure and particle size allow for easy incorporation into both liquid and dry formulations. FI-1 Soy Fibre® can also minimize the caking or clumping of other ingredients in food products.

FI-1 Soy Fibre® provides mouth feel and body, plus it helps in the binding of other ingredients in food products, which will ultimately improve yield.