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A History of Fibred

The Ort family has been in the baking business for over 100 years. Here is a short summary on Fibred and FI-1 Soy Fibre®.

The Ort family can trace its roots in the baking business back to the founding of a wholesale bakery operation in 1898. Following World War II, the business expanded rapidly, becoming a leader in the western Maryland market. In the 1950's, the company developed the nation's first diet bread, Rite Diet. In 1954 Ort's Bakery was founded, though it wasn't until 1973 that Ort's was incorporated. The production of Less Bread mix began in 1976, a product that would prove to be the driving force behind the expansion of Ort's Inc. nationwide business. In 1979 Ort's Inc. began research on extracting fiber from soy products. Competitive entry in the reduced calorie bread market occurred sometime around 1985, resulting in the erosion of Ort's bread sales.

The construction of Ort's Inc. soy fiber processing plant was completed in 1986, when the company began to substitute soy fiber for alpha cellulose fiber in its bread mixes. By 1988, the soy fiber plant reached optimal utilization levels. Fibred, Inc. began selling soy fiber to bakeries in 1991. In 1996 Ort's Inc. and Fibred, Inc. were consolidated into Fibred-Maryland, Inc. The new company concentrated exclusively on fiber sales, and laid the groundwork for expansion into national and international markets.